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Feel the freshness of jungle, the waves of ocean and the rays of sun in our 3 rooms with private bathrooms, specials scents and remarkable decorations. Inspired by landscapes of Bali each room has its story and background. If you imagine deep green color, rice terraces and lush jungles then you can associate it with our Jungle room. Sun room has a close connection with sand beaches and bright sun. Remarkable feeling of blue sky and unexplored ocean will find you in Ocean room decorated in azure tones.

Fully equipped with private bathrooms, spacious and cozy bedrooms are waiting to take care of your sleep.

At your service in each room:

  • air conditioning
  • queen size bed
  • private bathroom
  • shower
  • toilet with bidet
  • night lights
  • clothes hangers
  • traditional balinese sarongs
  • handmade natural soap
  • shampoo & shower gel
  • unique paintings
  • loundry bags
  • extra beds on demand

All the handicraft furniture in bedrooms is made of teak, rattan and bamboo. Beds with cover of high quality linen and beautiful baldachins above. Every room is a distint reflection of natural elements: natural handmade soap, shampoo and shower gel. Window curtains are sewed on individual order. Each of the rooms is equipped with modern models of air conditioners Sharp.

Each bedroom has a bathroom with combination of daylight and lamps.Bathroom decorating is made of natural stone.

Jungle bedroom

Have you ever experienced to be in the jungle just after midday rain? Enjoy that after-rain freshness and feel the magical athmosphere of handmade decorations right at the villa, where every piece is a story. Jungle bedroom is a senergy of high quality furniture, soft bed linens, bright green accessories and working zone with a wooden table. Every room has its own subtle aroma, so there is a presence of passion fruit scents in Jungle bedroom. We are sure, you will absolutely enjoy every moment spent at the art villa.

Sun bedroom

Sunshine after the rain, first sunbeams through the clouds, first birds` singing and happy smile that you give to the miracles of nature. Let yourself to be indulged by sunny colors while waking up in the morning with a delightful natural Frangipani flower aroma of the sunny yellow room.

Ocean bedroom

You are just a step away from the magnificent atmosphere of the ocean breeze. Just close your eyes, imagine the beach, feel the wind touching your skin, the warmth of the sand you are lying on, then imagine that this comfort and sweet emotions you can get right in your room. Discover this pleasure and subtle Vanilla aromas in the air of your room.